Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about our services.

Why are 2 thin coats better than one thick coat?

Much like paint, sealer applied in two coats dries and cures much better than one thick coat application. Remember sealers are water-based coatings, which cure through the process of water release (evaporation). A thin coat will release water much faster than a thick coat. If applied in one thick coat, sealer will have tendency to hold water and stay soft for a longer period of time, possibly causing tracking

Why apply 2 coats, when one coat looks good enough?

Appearance is only part of the benefits. The sole purpose of sealcoating is to protect and preserve the asphalt. One coat will possibly provide only half of the protection and wear out in less than half the time. You will have to sealcoat more frequently if you use only one coat. This will also be more costly since labor costs for cleaning and surface-prep do not change for a two-coat application.

I recently got a company to do a sealcoating on my driveway, why did the sealer fail or peel?

Peeling problems may be caused by couple different things one being it was not the proper temperature as if too cold the sealer will not stick properly. Also, may be caused by sealer not bonding to oil spots or any other surface contaminants like dirt, grease, etc. or oxidized pavements. All the areas should be throughly cleaned; oil spots shall be burned with a torch to remove them, then primed with specialty primers.

What causes white streaks in the sealer?

This could be due to incomplete mixing of clays and fillers in the manufacturing process of the sealer.Your sealcoating manufacturer should be contacted to rectify this problem.

Why does the sealer wear out faster in traffic lanes, entrances and exits?

It is usually an adhesion problem. The surface aggregates in these areas become smooth (polished) over the years of usage and since traffic lanes, entrances, and exits are higher traffic volume this is just a sign of wearing out. (For any coating, including sealcoatings, to bond properly, it is imperative that surface should be sufficiently rough).

When can we park our cars after seal coat has been done?

You can start parking your cars on a hot day the same afternoon the sealcoating has been done. We normally recommend what we require for cold days which is not parking over night, just approximately 10 hours from finishing the sealcoating.

When can I add seal-coating to my new asphalt driveway?

You can add seal-coating the day after on a piece of new asphalt only when it is an area smaller than 10×30. For areas bigger “parking lots” it is best to wait 90 days for the asphalt to cure prior to adding sealcoating.

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